Keys Brilliant~from iris2 series with EZDrummer3~


Sound source series part 6
The concept is a doodle and song that introduces the sound sources I have.
Today I’m using [Brilliant] from the sound source called iris2.
The illustration shows cockatiels flying away from a keyboard that suddenly starts moving.
“What the hell are you flying? Ah, Okame-san was able to fly, too… Gyaa!”
I tried to create the atmosphere of a sparkling keyboard in the middle of the night🌃
Please ask if you like

Cockatiel, hanging onto the wings of the Normal Cockatiel, escaped danger…
But if they stay like that, both of them will fall, so Cockatiel, let’s fly too! 🐥 Fight‼

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#音楽 Keys Brilliant~from iris2 series - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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