Gallium Cockatiel


Sound Source Series Part 12
The concept is to introduce and create sketches and songs using my handheld sound sources. Today, I’m using a sound called [Gallium] from a source called KINETIC METAL.
The illustration is of an Okame-san holding gallium in her hand.
“Gallium is that the one like germanium hot springs ♨…? I wonder if it can help with shoulder stiffness?”
Gallium is an element with the atomic symbol 31, classified as a poor metal with a somewhat unfortunate name.
I tried to create it with a slightly metallic image 🤖
Please give it a listen if you’d like

Winter is almost here, so Okame-san, you should warm up in a hot spring ♨🐥

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#音楽 ガリウムおかめ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv
音源シリーズその12コンセプトは手持ちの音源を紹介する落書き&曲です今日はKINETIC METALという音源にあるという音を使っていますイラストはガリウムを手にしたオカメさんです「

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