Fonck Stab               ~from iris2 series with EZDrummer3~


Sound Source Series Part 4
The concept is to introduce my sound sources through doodles and music.
Today, I’m using [Fonck Stab] from the iris2 sound source (Is ‘stab’ referring to a sudden sound change?) for this one.
The illustration features our budgies, who’ve ridden the sound wave slide and ended up beneath the finger drum.
“Hmm, I wonder if we’re supposed to dance like this? I only know Bon-Odori… 🐥”
I’ve tried to capture the atmosphere of a midnight finger drum session 🌃
Give it a listen if you’d like!

Finger drumming… I admire it, but I’m stumbling right from the part where I have to connect it to my PC. 🐥…

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#音楽 Fonck Stab~from iris2 series - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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