Wizard(?) Cockatiels


This is an illustration participated in a 2-hour DTM session late at night.
The theme was ‘a song inspired by a wizard.’
The illustration features Okame-san, who happened to acquire a magic wand by chance.
‘Hehe… Let’s try casting some thunder right away!
Oh, little one 🐥, this belongs to Okame-san, so don’t touch it 💨
If you get too close, your belly button might be taken away! ‼’
Oh my, the Okame-sans seem about to start competing for the wand.
I tried giving it a magical feel with a focus on brass and strings

By the way, where on earth are you doing your magic, Cockatiel? I’m sure you’re not in your apartment, are you?

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#音楽 魔法使い(?)おかめんず - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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