Amid wind-blown snow


There’s a budgie who discovered snowflakes shaped like flowers in the illustration.
It’s said that snow falling like flower petals is called ‘wind flowers’ (kazahana).

Whether it’s a such large ice flower or not, I don’t know,
But under the clear blue sky, the wind flowers descend,
Glistening in the light,
And gently return to the sky.

I tried making it a melancholic piano solo 🎹

Budgie 🐥 I’m sorry for your all the appearances in cold places lately… 💦

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#音楽 風花の中で - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv
イラストは花のような形をした雪を見つけたセキセイインコさんです花びらが舞うようにふる雪を風花(かざはな)というそうですこんな大きな氷の花かどうかはわかりませんが青空の下 降りてきた風花は光の中で煌めい

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