Gong Cockatiel


Folk Instruments Series – Part 20
Today’s Cockatiel is not the one we usually see… but a normal Cockatiel that seems to be practicing on a massive copper gong (gong).
He started playing the instrument right at the beginning of the new year, as he appears to have bought it online.
With such a huge gong, it might wake everyone up.
I tried creating a New Year’s atmosphere with synthesizer bass and the copper gong.
Please give it a listen if you’d like. 🔔

Just to clarify, the slug-like creature on top of the copper gong is meant to be a dragon 🐉.
By the way, the synthesizer bass in the song tends to play when the normal Cockatiel is up to mischief.

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#音楽 銅鑼おかめ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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