Dull-colored city


This is an illustration of my participation in a late-night 2-hour DTM.
The theme was “a song about despair”.
“To grow up is to despair”
This is a budgie visiting a town full of such adults.
The atmosphere of the town has lost its brightness and is somewhat dull…
It seems that the budgie decided to leave at least a souvenir quietly.
I also uploaded a song inspired by this illustration on Twitter.
I tried to create an atmosphere of despair with music box and piano.
Please take a listen if you like

Mr. Budgerigar, it seems that he wanted to cheer up everyone in the dull-colored city and brought Ramune as a souvenir🐥

There is also pixiv

#音楽 鈍色(にびいろ)の街 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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