Kemari Piano                 ~ Playing with Kemari, Okame ~


The illustration depicts Cockatiel energetically kicking Kemari.
“The next historical drama seems to be set in the Heian period.
Alright! Even Cockatiel would elegantly play Kemari, you know! 💨”
I wonder if Kemari is kicked around like soccer?
I tried making it into a lively piano solo.
There’s sheet music too, so please look if you’re interested 🎼

Cockatiel, were you inspired by the taiga drama “Hikaru-kimi”?
Here is the sheet music

I create sheet music using the following procedure 🎼:

  1. Convert the composition created in Cubase to a MIDI file.
  2. Launch Musescore and open the MIDI file from the ‘Open’ option.
  3. Export to PDF.
    When I initially create it in step 1, the sheet music tends to be chaotic.
    So, I carefully apply quantization to make it sound flat and smooth.
    The final result is something I could never play myself… (^^;)

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