Kemari at dusk


Sound Source Series #24.
The concept is a doodle and track introducing the available sound sources.
Today, I’m using the piano sound called ‘[Vibe Check]’ from the Verve sound source.
The illustration features a cockatiel that, while playing kemari, somehow found itself in the evening.

“It’s already evening! They say, ‘Autumn days are short,’ but… yeah… it’s winter now❄”
The cockatiel seems to have pretended to know a bit.
Following the kemari piano, I tried a more scattered piano this time.
Feel free to give it a listen! 🐥🎹

Playing kemari until dusk, the cockatiels are surprisingly elegant, contrary to their appearance. 🐥🌹

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#素晴らしきほっこりの世界 蹴鞠の夕暮れ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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