Kanji Day


On 12/12, it seems to be Kanji Day, a play on words with the auspicious meaning of ‘a good character.’
The illustration features Okame-san diligently practicing calligraphy in pursuit of this year’s chosen kanji.
She mentions, ‘In the selection of the ‘kanji of the year,’ interestingly, ‘bird’ has never been chosen before.🐥 According to Okame-san’s research, ‘gold’ has been quite popular 🔍.’
I attempted to add a Japanese touch with a combination of the koto and ryūteki (dragon flute).
Feel free to listen if you’d like♬

When I hear the news about the ‘Kanji of the Year,’it makes me feel like the year is coming to an end, and I reflect on it with deep emotions 🖌

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#音楽 漢字の日 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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