Waterfall Meditation Cockatiels


This is an illustration from when I participated in a 2-hour late-night DTM (Desk Top Music) session.
The theme was ‘a song inspired by a waterfall.’
The illustration features an Okame practicing waterfall meditation and a regular Okame not practicing it.
‘So, you know, kid, you need to reflect on your daily actions and cleanse your hearts with waterfall meditation… Whoa! Are waterfalls supposed to come from the side?’
The regular Okame is already skipping the waterfall meditation.
I created this with a Japanese training atmosphere using a dragon flute and drums.
Please listen to it if you like.

My, my, it seems the hose bazooka brought by the regular Okame is hitting the other Okame directly…

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#オカメインコ 滝行おかめんず - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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