Ice Rain


This is an illustration from the week I participated in DTM.
The theme is [ICE RAIN]. The illustration depicts a budgerigar I encountered on the way home, caught in an ice rain.
It was a cold December 25th… Christmas will soon disappear into the night sky.
I added strings to the piano of a sound source called Verve, titled [Warm-Natured], creating a somewhat melancholic atmosphere.
If you’d like, please give it a listen🎄

The most festive moment seems to be on December 24th,and on the actual Christmas day, December 25th, there is a somewhat lonely atmosphere, isn’t there? 🎄

You can also find it on Twitter, pixiv, and Instagram 🐥

#音楽 氷の雨 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv
1週間DTMに参加した時のイラストですお題は① 「ICE RAIN」ですイラストは帰り道、氷の雨に遭遇したセキセイインコさんです凍てつくような寒さの12/25…もう間もなくクリスマスが夜空に消えていき

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