The Ice Music Festival series


The illustration is of a cockatiel competing in the Ice Music Festival (is there really one such Festival?).
“Hiii! I’m not nervous and rattled… I’m just cold and rattled ❄”.”
It seems that she is playing the ice piano at the music festival right away!
I made it into a song with an icy atmosphere on the piano.
You can listen to it if you like 🐥.

Okame: “I had heard about the Ice Music Festival, but I kind of imagined it would be made of ice, you know… like, made out of ice cream or something. 🍦” If that were the case, it would become incredibly sticky the moment it melted, which would be impossible to handle, right? ✋”

This is a continuation of Night Flight 2.

You can also see it on Twitter, Instagram, and pixiv🐥

#音楽 氷のピアノ~氷の音楽祭シリーズ~ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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