Lively Cockatiels ~Who Holds the Snack Ticket…?~


This is an illustration of when I participated in a 2-hour DTM session late at night.
The theme was ‘BPM130, a cheerful and heartwarming song.’

The illustration depicts a Cockatiel heading confidently towards an all-you-can-eat snack venue.
“Hehe… Has my behavior been good lately?
For some reason, they ended up winning a wonderful ticket♪”
Oh my, that wonderful ticket seems to have fallen.
I tried to capture the everyday atmosphere with a mallet and a recorder.
If you’d like, please give it a listen 🐥

Cockatiel: ‘If the little one (normal Cockatiel) catches me, they’ll end up following me, so I had to come cautiously…’
My, my, the normal Cockatiel is sneakily following along, isn’t it? 🐥🐥💨💨💨

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#ArtRage 楽しげおかめんず~おやつチケットは誰の手に…?~ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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