Bewitched by Plums


The third in the ‘Flower You Series,’ titled ‘Bewitched by Plums .’
This is an illustration created during a late-night 2-hour DTM session.
The theme was ‘a song inspired by plums.’
The illustration features a pink parakeet lost under a plum tree.

It is said that until the Nara period, plum blossoms were the main focus of cherry blossom viewing.
While the charm of cherry blossoms in sakura color is delightful, the vitality and unique hues of red plum blossoms are exceptional.

As for the musical inspiration derived from the type of flower,
I tried to imagine the enchanting scene of being captivated by fully bloomed plum blossoms with piano and shakuhachi🌸
If you’re interested, please give it a listen.

The Flower You Series, now in its third installment… Spring seems to have many pink-hued flowers, doesn’t it? 🌸🐥

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#創作 梅に惑う~花の君シリーズその3~ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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