Seeking Rice Cakes of the Moon


A Late-Night 2-Hour DTM Session Illustration.
The theme was ‘A Composition Using Synth Brass.’
The illustration depicts an Okame-san visiting the moon to receive New Year’s Rice Cakes.
‘Hehe… I’m looking forward to mochi again this year.
Now, where could Mr. Rabbit be?’
Inspired by this illustration, I created a musical piece by layering synth brass, synth lead, and synth pads, and adding an electric piano to evoke a cosmic atmosphere.
Give it a listen if you’d like

Okame-san rarely helps the budgie, but today she is 🐥 She’s really looking forward to the rice cake ♬

You can also see it on Twitter, pixiv, and Instagram♬

#音楽 月のお餅を求めて - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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