The Showa-era song Okame-san


This is an illustration of when I participated in a late-night 2-hour DTM session.
The theme was ‘Showa-era songs.’
The illustration features Okame-san, who entered a singing competition amid the hustle and bustle, saying,
“Hmm. The spotlight is on the kids…!? The singer is over here with the microphone. That side is just a backup singer! 💨”
Normal Okame-san is holding a Giant Caprico-chocolate as a substitute for a microphone.
I made it in the style of Showa-era songs🎤

Song Title: ‘Darkness, feat. Kaori’
*The lyrics somehow turned out to be somewhat apologetic to Kaori-chan.
↓Here are the lyrics:

Pitch darkness, ah, the light bulb has burned out.
Even if I go to the store, I don’t know the model number.
My heart is in pitch darkness.
I’ll wait like this until morning…
In the dark room, waiting for the morning,
Let’s go buy it.

Not knowing the model number, I couldn’t buy the light bulb in the end…
Have you ever had an experience like that?”

When you don’t have spare light bulbs or batteries, it might be a good idea to at least take a photo of the model numbers. 💡📷

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