Starry Sky Paintbrush


I created this piece during the “Constellations” theme of the Late Night Two-Hour Poem Composition.
The illustration is of a cockatiel running a starry sky paintbrush across a canvas of constellations.
Cockatiel says “Since there are so many stars, is it okay if I create at least one constellation that I like?”
The poem is placed quietly in the illustration.
A song inspired by this illustration is also uploaded on Twitter.
I used a music box to create the atmosphere of the constellations.
Please listen to it if you like 🌌.

Oh, well, Cockatiel, I wonder if you are making your own constellations?

Poem writing from here
Subject “Constellations
If I could draw constellations
I’d like to paint your constellations
On the wet canvas of the night sky
Stardust dust spread out
Flying freely through the sky
My starry sky paintbrush will lead me

There is also pixiv

#DTM 星空絵筆 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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