Can you see the comet?


The first comet in 50,000 years is rumored to be visible on February 2, around the time the moon sets or not…
The illustration is of a cockatiel trying to see the comet’s light.
“I have no idea which one is the comet, but I hope I can see it.
Well, if we can’t see it, then I’ll draw a picture of the comet just as it is.!
I also uploaded a song inspired by this illustration on Twitter.
I made it with an electric piano and cello in the style of the Dawn Star.
Please listen to it if you like ☄.

Okame-san, you were planning to see it without knowing which comet it was…

There is also pixiv

#夜ふかし 彗星見えるかな - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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