In search of the Chinese zodiac sign for 2024


This is an illustration of the two-hour late-night DTM (Desktop Music) participation.
The theme is a musical piece inspired by a dragon.
The illustration depicts a Budgerigar joyfully witnessing the zodiac sign rising safely this year.

A dragon ascending powerfully to the heavens,
warding off misfortune,
symbolizing success and development,
may it perform well again this year.

I attempted to create a composition starting with taiko drums,
incorporating koto and shakuhachi, and concluding with shamisen and ryuteki 🐥🐉

Cockatiel: ‘It looks like a dragon that’s somewhat cucumber-like, doesn’t it? 🥒
Oh! The cockatiel is commenting without thinking about anything from outside the screen 🐥

You can also see it on Twitter, pixiv, and Instagram♬

#音楽 干支を求めて2024 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv
深夜の2時間DTMに参加した時のイラストです。お題は「竜をイメージした曲」です。イラストは無事に今年の干支が昇りゆくところを見届けるセキセイインコさんです天まで力強く昇る龍災いをはねのけ 成功や発展の

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