Natsubate Ondo ~Summer Fatigue Song~


On July 23rd, it was ‘Tai-sho,’
and we’re now in the period when we are concerned about the intense heat causing summer fatigue.
The illustration shows an Okame who seems to be suffering from summer fatigue,
rolling up and lying down, seeking relief from the heat.
“I can only accept things with ‘water’ in them… like Mizu-yokan (a type of sweet bean jelly),
Mizu-manju (a type of steamed bun), or Mizu-gashi (water-based confectionery) 🍍
… I’m so hungry…”
I tried making it with just a Shamisen and a Japanese drum.
If you’re interested, please listen 🐥.

Summer fatigue is tough, right… They say it’s better to eat whatever you can, even if it’s just a little 🐥

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#お疲れ 夏バテ音頭 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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