The Great Summer Vacation Strategy


This is an illustration of when I participated in a 2-hour DTM session late at night.
The theme was ‘setting the scene: planning a strategy.’
The illustration depicts budgerigars planning their summer vacation. They are each bringing flyers and eagerly searching for places they can afford to visit with their own money.
It seems like the budgerigar has started to become worried about chicks returning home late and cockatiels going out to buy ice cream.
I tried to create an exciting summer vacation strategy meeting using drama.
If you’re interested, please take a listen! 🐥🐣🐥

The sun is already shining like it’s summer, so it’s time for discussions about summer vacation plans to blossom 🌸
The flyers are themed around “Stargazing Tours,” “Summer Adventures!” and “Mountain Hiking Tours” from right to left 🌠🏝⛰

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#素晴らしきほっこりの世界 夏のバカンス大作戦! - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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