Mr. Tortoise in Wonderland – Prologue


The Mysterious Land series, which began with eating a mysterious mushroom, part 1.
The illustration features a Cockatiel who ate the mysterious mushroom that the normal Cockatiel held.
“What on earth…! Where in the world is this?
I wonder if it’s a country where fried potatoes and such actually exist…?”
Upon closer inspection, it seems the normal Cockatiel has also tagged along.
It was created with strings, viola, and bells, depicting an image of a glamorous flower garden.
Please listen if you like it🐥

It seems the Cockatiels have wandered into a very glamorous world, hasn’t they? 🐥🍄
They should probably refrain from picking up and eating things indiscriminately from now on, don’t you think?”

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#音楽 不思議の国のオカメさん~序章~ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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