Wonder Adventure 10 – Ending –


The illustration is by a budgie who participated in a mysterious RPG where you can adventure with just a flute.
This is the scene where budgie tells the bluebird the end of his adventure.
The owner of the giant feathers that fought in the last battle was a small bluebird that had been lost for a long time.
It seems like he came back to his senses after listening to the nostalgic melody of the budgie.
I tried to create an ending atmosphere using an Irish flute and a music box.
Please ask if you like

Come to think of it, budgie has had a long companionship with this flute, hasn’t he?
Did you all manage to find the lost blue bird?
While the budgerigar’s adventure may have come to an end for now,
I’m sure there are new adventures waiting ahead. 🐥

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#音楽 不思議の冒険10~エンディング~ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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