Police Chief Okame for a Day


This is an illustration from a late night 2 hour DTM I participated in.
The subject was “a song inspired by the police”.
The illustration is of a cockatiel dressed as a chief of police for a day…or even a minute!
”The chief of police is a pop star.
 I am almost like a pop star.
 And I am as busy as a pop star.
 So I only work for one minute!”
I also uploaded a song inspired by this illustration on Twitter.
I made it with synths and drums in a pip-papo idol style.
Please listen to it if you like☆.

Cockatiel: “With a cockatiel, you can usually get most things done in a minute! Giving up is the key!”

There is also pixiv

#音楽 一日警察署長おかめ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv
深夜の2時間DTMに参加した時のイラストです。お題は「警察をイメージした曲」です。イラストは一日…いや一分警察署長に扮するオカメさんです「警察署長といえばアイドル オカメさんといえばほとんどアイドル 

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