Take a little break


I made this poem with the theme “A break” of the two-hour late-night poetry contest.
The poem is placed quietly in the illustration.
The illustration is a budgie taking a break on a stone in the park.
I also uploaded a song inspired by this illustration on Twitter.
I tried to create a relaxing atmosphere with vibraphone and flute.
Please listen to it if you like.

“A rest, a rest, a rest…”hmm? The back of the budgie’s head is rounded in a Marukomi-style, so this phrases are reminding me of some monk.

There is also pixiv

#風景 一休み - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

I made this song with the image of taking a break on Monday when you are depressed by commuting to work or school…

Here is the poem.
 Title:A break
Days when I think I can’t rest
Gentle breeze in my ear
The spring sky is clear
It’s such a beautiful day

In the building I always go to
The smell of grass. It’s gone.
So just for a little while
I’m on my way
Take a break

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