Pop☆Sweets♫ Cockatiels


This is an illustration from when I participated in a late-night 2-hour DTM session.
The theme was ‘a cute song inspired by sweets.’
The illustration features Cockatiels descending into a mysterious space filled with sweets.
“Oh! The little Cockatiel is about to eat that huge candy… This giant pudding belongs to the Cockatiel!”
I tried creating a song inspired by this illustration with a pop lead.
Please give it a listen if you’d like.

At the feet of the normal Cockatiel,there are apple pies and strawberry marshmallows,
and to the right rear of the Cockatiel,there is a hidden giant strawberry daifuku 🍓

You can also see it on Twitter, pixiv, and Instagram♬

#音楽 ポップ☆スウィーツ♫おかめんず - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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