Flower Moon 2024


The illustration depicts an Okame-san running with the moon, not moonwalking towards it.
“There are all sorts of things, but don’t you feel like chasing the moon when it’s out?
…It’s a mystery how the moon keeps following you no matter how much you run🌝”
Okame-san seems to have come to check again if the Flower Moon has flowers on it.
Using the sound source “Me And The Moonquake” by Pharlight and a soprano saxophone, I tried to create a stylish night walk atmosphere.
If you like, please give it a listen 🐥

The distance between the moon and the Earth is so vast that it creates the illusion that the moon is following us 🌝💨💨

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#音楽 フラワームーン2024 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv
イラストは月に向かってムーンウォーク…ではなく月と一緒に(?)走るオカメさんです「いろいろあるけどさ 月が出てるとなんか追いかけたくなっちゃうよね?・・・月って走っても走っても追いかけてくるのなぞだわ

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