Piano Etude in D Minor Octave Technique


The illustration features a Cockatiel muttering something before practicing octave exercises.
“Pianos have been around for, like, hundreds of years… Isn’t it about time for an automatic octave-playing machine? Octave-playing is a bit challenging for Cockatiel hands, you know.”
It seems like the Cockatiel has covered a glove over a wooden stick.
I tried creating a piano solo piece in the style of an etude.
Feel free to give it a listen if you’re interested ♫

The Piano Solo Series has somehow advanced to the advanced level (skipping a few things along the way…)!
Well, octave techniques can be quite challenging, and yet, depending on the piece, they might not sound all that flashy.
So, it’s quite perplexing to determine where to use them 🎹.

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#音楽 ピアノ練習曲ニ短調~オクターブ奏法~ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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