Sea of Tweets 3


This is an illustration from when I participated in a two-hour late-night DTM (Desktop Music) session.
Theme: A song inspired by birds taking flight into the vast sky.
The Twitter bird logo has somehow transformed into a visual kei-style band look these days.
In the illustration, the tweets are seen with wings, so Cockatiel bids farewell to them as they take flight into the open sky.
“Take care, Tweets! I’ll be off to explore here and there to see you~”
The little tweets nearby are still babies, so it seems they will practice flying from now on.
With celesta and violin, it creates a melancholic atmosphere of the sky 🐥
If you’d like, please give it a listen.

Happy blue bird”… It seems the tweets have taken flight into the vast sky… 🐥🐥🐥🐥

You can also see it on Twitter, pixiv, and Instagram♬

#深夜の2時間DTM ツイートの海3 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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