Tire Day


Tire Day, April 8th
This is an illustration of a Cockatiel riding sadly on a tire and returning home. “
You know… even I acknowledge the importance of tires, right? But sometimes, you confuse things like diamonds 💎 and Taiyaki 🐡… It happens, you know?”
It seems like Cockatiel misunderstood tires and diamonds and Taiyaki.
I’ve created an atmosphere of being a strong support behind the scenes.
Feel free to listen to it🐥🚙

Cockatiel whose snack plan fell through… You should buy some potatoes or something at the drive-thru and come back 🚙
After all, it’s all about the tires, right?

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#素晴らしきほっこりの世界 タイヤの日 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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