Stepping with Watermelon 🐾 Cockatiel


This illustration is from when I participated in a two-hour late-night DTM session.
The theme was ‘A lively BGM with piano and strings as the main instruments.’
The illustration shows a cockatiel about to eat a watermelon taken out of the refrigerator.
‘Hehe… let’s eat a whole watermelon while the kid next door is away. Huh? I feel like someone’s watching me…’
Oh dear, it seems the normal cockatiel has noticed her.
I made it with piano and violin.
Please give it a listen if you’d like.

It looks like the cockatiel plans to have the whole watermelon to itself 🐥🍉

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#音楽 スイカでステップ🐾オカメさん - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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