Cowboy Theme


This is an illustration of when I participated in a 2-hour DTM (Desktop Music) session late at night.
The theme was to create music inspired by Western cowboy themes.
The illustration depicts Cockatiels returning home after a showdown in the wilderness (bean-throwing battle).
“Phew~ I’m so sleepy… Whoa! Something just flew! 💨 Well, Setsubun (bean-throwing festival) is already over, you know!”
Normal Cockatiel seems to be playing with an unconventional trajectory bean gun, perhaps inspired by the bean-throwing battle.
I tried giving it a Western movie vibe with a whistle, acoustic guitar, and alto saxophone.
Feel free to give it a listen! 🤠

The bean-throwing battle between the two… It’s an intriguing moment where the outcome is a matter of concern, isn’t it? 🐥🐥”

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#音楽 カウボーイのテーマ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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