The theme of the electric piano


This is an illustration from when I participated in a 2-hour DTM session late at night.
The theme was ‘a song using the electric piano.’
The illustration depicts an exhausted parrot collapsing into bed when they return home.
“Just when I thought I had something to do 💨, turns out I didn’t.
Even on my day off, I end up waking up early for no reason. And my cake turned into red bean bread…
things haven’t been going well lately… zzz💤”
I tried making a jazz piece using Rhodes electric piano sound source and alto saxophone, feeling completely exhausted.
If you’d like, please give it a listen 🐥

Even if you don’t forget important tasks,
it’s quite a hassle when you mistakenly believe you have something to do when there’s actually nothing on your agenda… 😢

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作曲とらくがきサイトをほそぼそやってます。 インコの後頭部のアングルが大好き。なんであんなに可愛いんだろう… 好きな漫画はギャグマンガ日和です!

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