Accent Piano – Impromptu Cockatiel Suddenly Appears –


Sound Source Series No. 25.
The concept is to introduce doodles and songs using the available sound sources.
Today, I am using a piano sound source called Accent Piano.
The illustration features a Cockatiel who suddenly appeared on the stage at a jazz bar, saying, ‘Let’s bounce around after a long time! 💨’
The Cockatielr is bouncing around on the piano keys.
I’ve also added baritone saxophone and bass to create a low-key piano stage atmosphere.
Please give it a listen if you’d like🐥🎹

Oh my… Looks like Okame-san managed to get a round of applause 🐥👏

You can also find it on Twitter, pixiv, and Instagram 🐥

#オカメインコ アクセントピアノ~飛び入りオカメは突然に~ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv
音源シリーズその25コンセプトは手持ちの音源を紹介する落書き&曲です今日は Accent Piano というピアノ音源を使っていますイラストはジャズバーのステージに乱入したオカメさんです「ひさしぶりに

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