Sleepiness under the Futon


an illustration from the week I participated in DTM.
The theme was ‘① Drowsiness of the Futon.’
The illustration depicts a pink parakeet dozing off in the early morning in bed.
Even as the sky brightens, the outside of the futon is filled with harsh coldness.
One wishes to stay warm and cozy forever.
I added Omnisphere’s ‘Ashes and Snow’ to ICONICA SKETCH’s ‘Mallet.’
Feel free to give it a listen if you’d like

Recently, the lively parakeet residents of Torikko Apartments seem to have visited Wonderland, making the place quiet. 🏠
Pink parakeet, enjoy your relaxing time now! 🐥

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#音楽 まどろみの中で - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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