Mushroom Hot Pot Party


The mysterious country series, which began with eating strange mushrooms,
is now on its ninth installment – Bonus.
The illustration features an Okame-san who surreptitiously brought mushrooms
from Wonderland and cheerfully put them into the pot.
“I’m sure they’ll be edible once cooked… probably.”
The normal Okame-san seems to be attempting to add cookies.
I wonder if he is misunderstanding about it being a hot pot of darkness.
Oh my, it seems the pink parakeet is planning to celebrate
by making a mushroom hot pot with shiitake mushrooms for the Cockatiel’s safe return.
I created it with strings, viola, and bells, aiming for an image of a Japanese-style hot pot dish.
Feel free to listen if you’re interested!

Oh dear… Okame-san added such a poisonous mushroom assortment. The pink parakeet seems a bit reluctant about it!

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#音楽 きのこ鍋パーティー - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv
謎のきのこを食べたことから始まった不思議の国シリーズその9 オマケイラストは不思議の国でどさくさに紛れて持ってきたきのこを鍋にぽいぽい入れるオカメさんです「火を通せばきっと食べれるよ…!たぶん」ノーマ

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