I want to be a rice cake


The illustration shows a cockatiel who has eaten a full meal of rice cakes and is sleeping soundly.
The cockatiel is saying,
“Mnya mnya mnya……I want to be my favorite rice cake…Zzzz”.
I also uploaded a song inspired by this illustration on Twitter.
I made it with Koto and Dragon flute to create a New Year’s atmosphere.
Please listen to it if you like 🎍.

By the way, there are two major factions of rice cakes, baking and boiling, and Okame is a “Mochi Ami” faction.

There is also pixiv

#音楽 お餅になりたい - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv
イラストは、おもちをお腹いっぱい食べてぐうぐう寝ているオカメさんです。「むにゃむにゃ‥オカメさんは 大好きなおもちになりたいよ…Zzz」このイラストをイメージした曲もTwitterにアップしています。

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