Ohanami Cockatiels ~Dango Battle~


The illustration is from when I participated in a two-hour DTM session late at night.
The theme was ‘a song inspired by cherry blossom viewing.’
The illustration depicts friendly(?) Cockatiels fitting into a cherry blossom viewing photo.
‘Say cheese! Oh! Don’t try to steal the dango in the confusion! 🌬️
The direction of the dango clearly indicates that it belongs to me.’
I tried to create a lively party atmosphere with the shakuhachi, taiko drums, and acoustic guitar.
Please give it a listen if you’d like🐥

And just who exactly owns the dango in the middle…?

You can also see it on Twitter, pixiv, and Instagram♬♬♬ for a limited time on pixiv, it seems the cherry blossoms are falling 🌸

#pixivSakuraFestival2024 お花見おかめんず~お団子バトル~ - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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