Game on! Okamenzu Battle


This is an illustration from a late night 2-hour DTM I participated in.
The subject was “Setting the scene: go to battle!”
The illustration shows Mr. Okame and his friends in a rap battle for the top position of Okame.
Okame-san “Okame-san is the true Okame…!”
A song inspired by this illustration has also been uploaded on Twitter.
I made it with brass, strings, shamisen, etc. to create a battle-like atmosphere.
Please listen to it if you like ♫

I like Freestyle Dungeon, so I tried to go for a rap battle atmosphere. No really, just the atmosphere.

There is also pixiv

#音楽 いざ出陣!おかめんず合戦 - おか・めんめのイラスト - pixiv

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